Capturing Life One Frame At A Time...

Don't settle for images shot then supplied on a disc - I would love to be engaged with you so that ideas are discussed, a photographic brief is developed and the end images captured so that they tell a story. My aim is to then see these images proudly displayed in your home or office. From concept, to shoot, to edit, to print...let the magic unfold today. Call me directly on 0419999053

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Welcome to the Barefoot Photographers a professional Tasmanian Photographer I'm available to photograph anything you require both in and out of Tasmania Australia...even internationally. I shoot event photography, portrait photography, boudoir photography, childrens portraiture, corporate photos, food photography, pet photography, photo story telling, school photo shoots, seniors shoots, sport and street photography services and even DSLR video shoots across Australia.

The Barefoot Photographer website is provided for you to view my work, fall in love with it, then hopefully cause a reaction that starts a conversation in regards to your next photographic need. Be it commercial photography right through to weddings.

There are links through to my photographic portfolios along with contact information should you need a decent photographer for your next shoot in both Tasmania as well as the remainder of Australia. I am willing to travel to undertake detination photographic services, have the necessary photographic experience and a collection of gear to boot.

This site also has a secure shopping cart attached. If for any reason you are missing a particular print size feel free to communicate your needs further.

Photos are available for print in a variety of formats, from canvas and fine-art paper to lustre and metallic prints. There is no limit to what may be chosen and what my printing partners can deliver. So please start a conversation today.

If a professional studio shoot in tasmania is your thing then don't hesitate in asking about our in-studio shoots. Our newest studio in Snug Tasmania is open for business. This studio was custom built from the ground up and will bring an exciting new foundation with which to work with including a full 90 degree Cyclorama (infinity wall) for small top medium car photo-shoots.

The studio is also open to other photographers to hire with or without gear and at very competitive pricing.

So in summary and as the Barefoot Photographer Tasmania I'm willing to photograph anything you require including:
  • event photography
  • portrait photography
  • childrens portraiture
  • corporate photos
  • food photography
  • pet photography
  • photo journalism
  • school portraits
  • seniors shoots
  • boudoir photography
  • sport and street photography services across Australia
  • Full studio lit cyclorama and infinity wall work for larger projects such as cars and furniture.

Visit the portfolio link for examples of my work or contact me to discuss your requirements further.

I'm social too so feel free to connect with me on the following social media platforms: